Saturday, March 28, 2009

What is "uninsured motorist" coverage?

What does this entitle you to?

recently added this onto my existing insurance policy?
What is %26quot;uninsured motorist%26quot; coverage?

It is insurance that covers you in case you are in an accident and the other driver is not insured and they are at fault
What is %26quot;uninsured motorist%26quot; coverage?
If you are in an accident where the other driver doesn%26#039;t have insurance, it pays you for damages that the other driver%26#039;s insurance would have paid.
Reply:if someone hits you that doesn%26#039;t have insurance your company will pay for your repairs and anything else that needs to be paid.
Reply:Pretty good answers. Call your agent if you have an actual, physical one to have them spell out what this coverage does to your policy.

How do I find the "door ajar" sensor in my 2000 Buick LeSabre??? The interior lights stay on when I drive.

I%26#039;d like to fix it or at least disable it. (I%26#039;m assuming) that one of the doors%26#039; sensors is malfunctioning. the interior lights stay on as an added bonus to the warning display. If I could temporarily pull a fuse that controlled just the %26#039;annoying%26#039; lights and not any others that would work also - just until I made it home to the dealer. (I%26#039;m visiting relatives, 300 miles away.)
How do I find the %26quot;door ajar%26quot; sensor in my 2000 Buick LeSabre??? The interior lights stay on when I drive.
possibly theres something sticking out of the doors
How do I find the %26quot;door ajar%26quot; sensor in my 2000 Buick LeSabre??? The interior lights stay on when I drive.
these r the little black push in and out buttons @ the very bottom of the doors.there is a fuse in the fuse box probably next to the kick panel turn the cover it will say %26#039;%26quot; interior lights%26quot;%26quot; pull that fuse you should be good to go GOOD LUCK
Reply:Try removing the bulb from the interior light. That way everything else on that fuse will still work. Just Ignore the %26quot;door ajar%26quot; light on the dash.

Is this right or wrong(Auto Shop Confussion)?

My car a 92 GrandMarquis. 3-4 months ago I took my car 2 a Ford Dealership where I told them my cars headlights would come on but the dashlights %26amp; the running tailLites wouldn%26#039;t. They let me know there was a wiring problem, $550 for a college student = no no. I took the car some where else,after taking it 2 the shop they fixed the lites for 1/2 the price but 3 mnths later same issue. The shop lookd @ the issue %26amp; said it was the switch %26amp; the wires melting together n the dash which they charged $200 w/o labor 2 make me feel better about the mix up. But Im confused? It was already suppose 2 be fixed so Y am I paying? They said the problem could have just occurred R when they fixed the car the 1st time it could have set off an reaction. 1st * they traced %26amp; replaced wire, 2nd * new switch %26amp; wire. Should I have to pay bcause they may have messed up? I truly dont think I should even though it maybe in different sections of the car I truly dont even know what was fixed @ 1st just know im out $
Is this right or wrong(Auto Shop Confussion)?
They took advantage of you. They should have found the

problem the first time. You should not have to pay for

something they should have found the first time.
Is this right or wrong(Auto Shop Confussion)?
Get it to a Good Auto-Electric Shop! They didn%26#039;t fix the Problem, they Repaired the Result of the Problem and the Problem was still there! %26quot;Dash %26amp; Marker Lights!%26quot; Where wire Harness goes through the Firewall %26quot;Gasket Missing %26amp; Wires Rubbing through and/or Wires Rubbing through on Support Frame under Dash.

NOTE; Maybe 50% of Labor but (0) for Parts!

The check engine light in my B2300 truck stays on, but the truck seems to run fine. Trying to find out why.?

Get an OBD-II reader or go to Autozone and pull the codes.

Reset the CEL and if it comes back, you know you have an issue. If not, then nothing to worry about.
The check engine light in my B2300 truck stays on, but the truck seems to run fine. Trying to find out why.?
Probably a sensor is bad, maybe an oxygen sensor. Go to autozone and they will run a code scanner on your truck and tell you what is making the check engine light come on. Then you can buy the part from them and you are good to go...
The check engine light in my B2300 truck stays on, but the truck seems to run fine. Trying to find out why.?
Maybe you are not screwing the gas cap on tight enough after refueling. Try turning it till it clicks.
Reply:The first thing you should do is to make sure your gas cap

is on correctly. At the dealership I work at, most check

engine lights are the gas cap not on correctly or the gas

cap has gone bad.

Trouble codes for my 2002 F-150?

I%26#039;ve been having some trouble with my F-150 for about two months now and finally broke down and had a local service center run a diagnostic on it. The following codes came up: P1120, P0122, P1121.

The guy said that the TPS wasn%26#039;t getting any power and to take it to the dealer and have them hook up the harness to their computer which would be able to determine if it was a dead wire, or the PCM.

Sound right to you guys?

Any tips?

Is this going to break the bank?

Trouble codes for my 2002 F-150?
they are all throttle position sensor codes have it checked sensors aren%26#039;t usually that much money but the labor can be killer on the wallet
Trouble codes for my 2002 F-150?
OK in your Yahoo or Google Search enter %26quot;OBD II%26quot; and look up the Codes, with that info. a Good Shop can Determine the Problem, Dealer Shop is good but the Cost is going to be Higher. NOTE For talking to a Mechanic; Not PCM, ECM (Engine/Electronic Control Module)

Engine moving?

I took my car to have the right bottom motor mount replaced and before i did the whole engine would move when u put it in reverse or drive and made a clank noise now that it is replaced it still seems to move when u do the same thing why is that???/
Engine moving?
Motors are supposed to move some. Its normal. Its the torque twist. As long as its not making a noise it should be ok.
Engine moving?
Car %26amp; Mileage? Replace %26quot;All%26quot; Motor %26amp; Transmission Mounts! NOTE; if one is Bad it may have Damaged the others. %26quot;If Mounts are Oil or Grease Soaked they will Fail Sooner, Steam Clean Engine Top %26amp; Bottom.%26quot;

The rear window defogger relay on my 1986 911 Targa does not engage the upper and lower elements.?

There is a time delay? Time constant circuit? which should, at some point, engage relay #2 and put 12VDC onto the upper and lower elements.

The maximum voltage seen at the input of the top/bottom

elements is .25 volts.

The center element works fime as relay #1 is not wired through the solid state timing/time delay circuit.

Does anyone know how the upper and lower element

sequencing occurs?


1. The defogger relay p/n 911-615-115-00 is new.

2. There is a 1.5 Ohm resistance from the input wire

to the upper and lower elements which are connected in


3. There is a 1.9 Ohm resistance from the input wire to the

center element.